Goals for 2021

Goal 1: Start sending daily emails again

Goal 2: Grow the FADQ audience. 1,000 subscribers by end of March. 10,000 by end of the year.

That’s 1,000 per month to be added. It’s a huge step and one that is daunting.

It would be easy to set a smaller goal and drip drip drip get to the target and claim success but setting such a lofty goal means we are forced to stretch.

Goal 3: 300 questions in the database. 100x First Aid at Work. 100x Kids First Aid for Parents and Carers and 100x for First Aid for Adventure Sports.

Can you help? Can you share into a group? Or a forum?

Can you write us a question?

If the answer is yes to any of those, crack on and make our day please.

thank you x


Here We Go. Again

FADQ first started in April 2015. It was a pretty modest affair behind the scenes. Very manual. Every question hand written by me. Every quote personally picked.

It ran for two years, more or less, until I paused the service.

And then never quite got round to re-starting it. D’oh.

But now we’re back. And it’s no longer just me. Matt Hurford is on board to make the tech side of things hum like a finely oiled machine.

Starting end of Jan 2021, questions will be going out again.

One short question. By email. Everyday.

Retain your knowledge. Improve your confidence.