First Aid Daily Question

Life Happens. Keep your First Aid Knowledge fresh.

What is FADQ?

First Aid Daily Question (‘FADQ’) is a free and simple way to help you to keep your First Aid knowledge fresh. Because #LifeHappens.

  • Each morning, we’ll send you a multiple choice question.
  • It’ll take you about 15 seconds to read, select an answer and discover if you’ve chosen the right one.
  • We’ll provide you with the correct answer and an explanation so even if you’ve chosen the wrong one… learning always happens.

Why do I need FADQ?

In the event of injury or sudden illness, having the confidence to provide effective First Aid could save a life.

The Red Cross UK reports that “hundreds of thousands of people learn First Aid each year, yet only one in ten feels both skilled and confident enough to step forward and help a casualty [1].” Similarly in a recent St John Ambulance survey, 59% of respondents stated that they “wouldn’t feel confident trying to save a life [2].”

Who is FADQ for?

We’re trying to reach everyone who could make a difference. Are you one of the following?

  • A qualified First Aider who’d like to remember more from your course than you do? 
  • A parent or someone who works with children who wants to know more? 
  • An employer? In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive (‘HSE’) can prosecute you if you don’t have anyone who is able to supply immediate attention if an employee is injured or taken ill. 
  • Someone who just wants to feel able to help?

How does FADQ work?

Simply sign up and we’ll send you a multiple-choice question everyday to keep your First Aid knowledge fresh. All questions come with a full explanation and citations (usually St John Ambulance and Red Cross UK) so that if you want, you can delve deeper.

Kids First Aid for Parents (& Teachers)

If you look after children, this will become an essential daily habit to help you keep your First Aid knowledge fresh. These questions come out on Mondays and Wednesdays. We’re working on a new schedule for 2021. TBC

First Aid for Work  

If you are a First Aider in a work environment, whether in an office, on a building site or anywhere, you’ll love receiving these emails so that you can feel confident about looking after your friends and colleagues. These questions come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’re working on a new schedule for 2021. TBC

First Aid for Adventure Sports 

Covering sports such as climbing, kayaking, skydiving, etc, this will help you relax while you’re out enjoying life to the full, often in regions that are sparsely served by professional First Aid services. These questions come out on Fridays. We’re working on a new schedule for 2021. TBC

So what are you waiting for? #LifeHappens. Keep your First Aid knowledge fresh. Sign up and spread the word.

Why not download and share this handy explanation with your friends?

I’ve missed the daily questions. We get (First Aid) refreshed every 3 years and every time, I sit there and think, how have I forgotten so much. Your daily emails are so valuable, I’m looking forward to them reappearing.

David Griffin

Being a current first aider is important to me. It worries me though that after a relatively short course (in some cases), you’re given a potentially huge responsibility. You could quite easily have someone’s life in your hands after only basic training. Then I was introduced to First Aid Daily Question, and I can’t praise it enough. It literally takes a few seconds every day but it’s an amazing daily reminder. I feel far more confident in my first aid skills, not only because I’m continually refreshing my knowledge but because it is helping me confirm that the information I have retained, is correct! A recent question led me to do some extra reading on that particular topic. I’m really enjoying my first aid daily question.

Nicola Hughes

FADQ is excellent! Keep ‘em coming!

Victoria Bradley

I really like my FADQs.

Chris Magura

These question-a-day messages are a great idea.

Monty Smith

Definitely useful: all our first aiders at my workplace are signed up, as with three years between mandatory training sessions, it’s too easy to forget details!

David Cottingham

You guys are awesome and thanks for doing these emails – I am still slightly terrified to be a first aid person at work but a lot less terrified than I was a few months ago! 🙂

Lindsey Masters

I love your FADQ site and promote it at the end of every Emergency First Aid at Work course I deliver. Thank you for all your hard work.

Cathie Way

I love fadq. What you do is important and very well packaged and this combination is winning.

Paola Garbini (Founder,

I like the concept of every day a small improvement in my first aid knowledge

Ben Keene, author of “Tribe Wanted” and founder

I think all companies and all individuals should be using this.

Jamie Loberman, (Founder

I wasn’t sure I’d use it when I signed up but definitely will cause it’s a good refresher.

Maggie McMahon

Simple and self-explanatory. Have already mentioned it to a couple of other first aiders who thought it a good idea.

Sarah Law

I think it is fantastic. A very useful tool!

Tony Brown

I like the idea and it takes seconds to do everyday.

Gary Crisp

I find the daily question really useful.

Karen Goodchild

Great idea. I like one q a day.

Guy MacNaughton

Using it daily, a fabulous idea. Works well.

Ellen Ruston Nath

I’m finding it very helpful. I’m training to be a community first responder and it’s great to have the refresher questions so frequently.  And reassuring that I get very few wrong, lol. It covers slightly different topics to the 999 stuff that I will need to know but the basics are the same. 

Tamysn Greetings

I like it and find it useful! I don’t have time to answer the question every day, but think it’s a great reminder of key aspects of my first aid course as it’s so easy to forget these things.

Sam Lee

Getting on pretty good with it, great idea, works well and quite useful.

Shane McKeon

I  like it, it cheers me up every morning if I get it right.

John Horne

I really enjoy having a look through it!

Sophie Miller

Caroline and I have always done our First Aid at Work training together and at the end of last year we did our 3 day course.  Since then we are always testing ourselves and really appreciate the daily question! Obviously some days is just an information question rather than what would we do in such an instance but even then it is really appreciated!

Sue Morton

The FADQ is really good for me.  It really does help reinforce what we learn on the course and its actually highlighted a few gaps in my knowledge. I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t have read up on anything in between refresher courses without this. thanks for bringing us the FADQ!

Caroline Vaughan

I’m a newly trained First Aider I enjoy receiving the emails. I sit next to another first aider and the questions often spark discussion. On the whole we look forward to receiving the email and if I don’t instantly know the answer it makes me reach for my training notes which is great to keep going over the information.

Elaine Foster